Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can organise a meeting with you to discuss your cabinetry needs and prepare a written quote for you. If you are unable to meet with us in person we are happy to discuss your needs over the phone or by email.

This is dependant on the project to be undertaken. Please contact us so we can advise you on an expected time frame for your specific job. 

Using 2 Pac Paint will provide seamless finishes, moisture resistence panels and the option to router panels. Cabinetry can be painted in any colour when using a 2 Pac finish.

Reconstituted stone is a man made product. Natural stone/granite is a natural product found in the earth. Using reconstituted stone will provide uniform patterns, colours, thickness options as well as a UV resistant finish in each slab. Granite will provide unique pattern and colour options, larger slab sizes, thickness options, heat proof and UV resistance. 

Reconstituted stone and natural stone both have different price ranges - Low - Medium - High - Top. Depending on the range of stone you are looking at, natural stone can often be quite comparable in price to reconstituted stone. Natural stone slab sizes are also larger than a standard reconstituted slab size, which allows you to get more out of each natural stone slab.

Yes! Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.